Leave a legacy

We all want to be able to pass as much on to our families as possible after we die. But lots of factors can make that complicated.

Unless you plan for it, inheritance tax can eat into the legacy you leave. If you don’t write a will, you can’t be sure your money will go to the right people. Your partner’s only entitled to the money if you’re married or in a civil partnership. If you don’t name guardians for your children, they could end up in care.

Then there are also more complicated family situations to consider. It may not bear contemplating now, but what if your children were very young when you died? What if you stop being able to manage your affairs before you die? What if you died, leaving all your money to your partner, and then your partner married someone else? Your money could eventually end up going to the new family rather than to your own.

We can help you with all of this. We can help you take advantage of ways to reduce inheritance tax. We can help you set up Lasting Powers of Attorney that put people you know and trust in charge of your affairs. We can help you write a will that gives you more peace of mind than a standard mirror will. And we can help you set up trusts for your assets when you die.

By doing all of this, you can make sure that you leave as much as possible to the people you love, and that your legacy is protected.

Please bear in mind that the Financial Conduct Authority doesn’t regulate tax advice, trusts, wills or Lasting Powers of Attorney.

“ Since meeting with Antony about 3 years ago we have made wills for both my husband and myself, and we have set up a trust for 4 members of the family. He has always ensured that everything went smoothly and always came back with an answer to our questions. I would not hesitate to recommend him for financial advice.”
Yvonne, E17

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