Protect your family and lifestyle

Long-term illness and death can be devastating. But there’s something you can do to make things easier for your family – get insurance now that helps them cope with the financial impact.

Life insurance pays a lump sum or an income to your family if you die. Critical illness pays out if you’re diagnosed with one of the illnesses your policy covers. And income protection pays you an income if you’re too ill to work.

Whatever your current situation, budget and priorities, it’s possible to find protection insurance that works for you.

As well as comparing prices, we compare policies based on how comprehensive they are – and how likely they are to pay out – giving you greater peace of mind. We also look at any extra benefits they offer, such as bereavement counselling.

Once we’ve found the right insurance for you, where appropriate, we will help you put your policies in Trust. This means that your beneficiaries get faster access to the money, and also that any payments you receive lie outside your estate, meaning they’re free of inheritance tax. We can also help you make sure your Will is up to date.

“Providus gave us clear, trustworthy information about life insurance, wills and trust deeds; and made the process of securing our family’s future remarkably stress-free and efficient.”
Rachel, York.

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