Michael Kilner

Business Manager

At work

Prior to joining Providus, Michael worked as a solicitor for 14 years and was a partner at a firm in the City of London.

Having left the law to spend more time with his family, Michael is now the Business Manager at Providus and is here to help us provide a better service to our clients.

Michael will also be working on behind-the-scenes projects to enable the business to grow and become more efficient, whilst also continuing to raise our profile and standing in the local community.


LLB (Law)

Qualified Solicitor

At home

Michael is a family man and lives locally with his wife and three children.

In addition to spending time with the family, he enjoys watching and playing football and likes to play his guitar and piano.


  • Football
  • Theatre
  • Music


  • Mackerel
  • Seagulls
  • Being late
  • Julian, Walthamstow
    As a business moving into our seventh year, we recognised the need to protect the business as well as ourselves against the possibility of ill health. This included protecting our families. Antony helped us with key person protection and income protection which has given piece of mind and assurance. Throughout the process Antony guided us through the process in an assured and patient manner - great service all round
    Julian, Walthamstow
    Client since 2016
  • Ros, Walthamstow
    I contacted Antony a while after my husband died of cancer at age 46. I had various pots of money come in from life insurance, death in service payments and so forth that required organisation. I was also aware that I needed to review my own pension, life insurance, and ISA putting strategies in place to provide for myself and my children in the longer term. Antony did a complete review of my finances, spending a lot of time to explain clearly to me his advice. I now have short, mid and long-term financial planning in place.
    Ros, Walthamstow
    Client since 2016
  • Shameem, Walthamstow
    Antony and the Providus team have helped me to plan an early retirement from the NHS, enabling me to become self-employed and work part-time.
    Shameem, Walthamstow
    Client since 2013